Duck-Heart Stew, Pig’s-Blood Popsicles, and Other Offal Romantic Eats

Pig's heart is only the beginning, people.
Pig's heart is only the beginning, people.Photo: Kagan McLeod

If our tales of Valentine’s nights gone awry have you shying away from a traditional dinner out, consider biting into some liver, spleen, or heart instead. Over at the Voice, inveterate weird-foods lover Robert Sietsema has rounded up his favorite heart-y fare — dishes that actually contain heart — like A-Wah’s casserole with pig’s heart, or Casa Mono’s fabada, duck-heart soup. Meanwhile, Ozersky TV has video today of Public’s Brad Farmerie making his pork-blood Popsicles (“they’re high in iron and vitamin B,” Farmerie enthuses), and World’s Fare has the rundown on Java Village’s Indonesian goat-leg soup, thought to be an aphrodisiac. Lest Manhattan and Queens get all the shout-outs, Brokelyn runs a Brooklyn-only “organ grab bag,” from chopped liver at Mile End to cow-spleen sandwiches at Ferdinando’s Foccaceria. Come to think of it, there’s still time to run out and score that one for lunch, if you dare.