Competitive-Eating Pointers; Honey Mussels Hit New York

• Here are some handy tips for competitive eating from Hong Kong’s “Eatcredibles,” among them: dunk your food in water, and “empty stomachs don’t stretch.” [SceneAsia/WSJ]

• The selectively bred honey mussel, with its sweet flavor and reddish shell, has recently arrived in New York restaurants and at least one grocery store. [NYT]

• According to this writer, record-high food prices were part of the impetus for the uprising in Egypt. [Globe and Mail Canada]

• It seems reservation-scalping site Table Envy hasn’t cut into Open Table profits yet — the company’s fourth-quarter net income grew 65 percent. [Bloomberg]

• The cold winter we’ve been having around the country has at least one upside: Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge region was able to produce ice wines. [MIX/Oregon Live]