Coffee Buzz: New Gimme!, Brew Gimmicks, the Bean Closed, and More


EV Grieve (which earlier spotted a “coffee and ice cream” spot coming to East 7th Street) notices that the Bean’s First Avenue store has been seized by the tax man. But worry not, coffee is flowing just about everywhere else. Zagat taste-tests six gimmicky special brews — and should you want to try a few gimmicks at home, Brooklyn Paper (which yesterday reported that Gimme! Coffee is opening a “cupping lab” in Williamsburg) has just the instructor for you. But is Japanese-style pour over really such a gimmick? In the Times, Oliver Strand (who just landed a deal for a book about “coffee today: where it is, where it’s going”) notes that it has gone mainstream. Meanwhile, Serious Eats has a rundown of coffee events (though they forget this weekend’s Coffee and Tea Festival), and Tribeca Citizen points out that Yorganic is giving away free coffee next week!

If this isn’t nearly enough coffee talk for you, listen to Oren Bloostein go in depth on roasting at Oren’s, and if all of this has you pining for the days of a simple cuppa, join Lost City in admiring Sheepshead Bay’s old-timey Donut Shoppe.