Doggone! Chinatown Loses Its $1 Jumbo Hot Dog

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Back in 2009, Chinatown’s Jumbo Hot Dog raised the price of its quarter-pound, six-inch franks (one of the cheapest meals in the city) from 92 cents to $1.25. Our worldview was shattered. Now we’re really reeling: The tiny hot-dog window has closed, leaving everyone in line for the Fung Wah bus with nowhere to turn for dirt cheap tubular satisfaction. Yes, you can get buns stuffed with regular-size wieners at the bakery next door (that wouldn’t tell us when or why Jumbo Hot Dog shuttered — it seems to have happened some time ago), but still: You gotta feel sorry for the tourists who get off those buses and will now have to go shell out $2 for a plain ol’ dirty-water dog. There’s a jumbo-size hole in our heart today …