Can People Please Stop Eating Dog Food Already?


Suddenly, everybody’s eating dog food! Last week, an animal activist in Ohio was doing it to support an animal-cruelty bill. This week, Brooklyn Paper editor Gersh Kuntzman tells us a couple of women are doing it to promote their high-end dog-food brand. Kuntzman makes a big to-do about trying the stuff himself and tells the camera, “It’s like a bland pâté — it’s like a pâté for not a French poodle, an American poodle.” He says he’s “doing what nobody else will do,” but of course we’ve known for years that most people can’t tell the difference between pâté and dog food, and last year a couple of “reporters” sampled human-grade dog food and were okay with it. So can we stop eating dog food and pretending it’s interesting? We already know that canine cuisine is good enough for humans — we live in an age of doggie birthday cakes! Case closed. Call us when you’re eating snake food and a live rat is about to go down the gullet.

Wait a minute — there’s video of Gersh eating dog food? [Brooklyn Paper]