California Monster Salads Crushing Santa Monica’s Three Dog Bakery

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Ladies and gentlemen! Sunday! Sunday!! Sunday!!! Are you ready to have your brains blown out by an overdose of green stuff?! Are you prepared for a maelstrom of anti-oxidants that will see free radicals flip, turn, and get crushed by more nutrients than your body can handle?! Watch pounds of foliage, cholesterol-shredding nuts and berries, and lean meats dominate your system when California Monster Salads soon destroys the last remaining vestiges of Santa Monica’s Three Dog Bakery.

This forthcoming salad spot sounds like another in the recent spike of build-it-yourself salad bars that hit towards the end of last summer, only this one skips all those feel-good tags that have sort of melted together anyway, like “simple,” “fresh,” “green,” and “tender.” The interior of Three Dog has been completely gutted and is now under construction with an opening being eyed in spring or early-summer. It might not get the NASCAR crowd very excited to eat their vegetables, but maybe we can at least look forward to a Bigfoot salad for the rest of us.

California Monster Salads, 411 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica.