Brooklyn Plans Kitchen for Small Producers; Behold the United States of Beer

• In light of Kings County’s seemingly limitless appetite for artisanal pickles, Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz is pledging $1 million to build a kitchen facility that will serve as a small-food-business incubator. [NYDN]

• Ladies and gentlemen: the United States of Beer. From Shiner to Yuengling, here’s a fun map of regional suds. [Good]

• Brace yourself for savory cupcakes: Muffin-shaped lasagnas are all the rage in L.A., and even Trader Joe’s has frozen turkey-meatloaf muffins. [WSJ]

• Chili’s opened its first outlet in Russia and plans to unveil 25 more by 2017, which may put it in a wings race in that country against T.G.I. Friday’s. [Reuters]

• Sal Picinich, a Hoboken, New Jersey, baker who appeared on Cake Boss, has passed away from cancer at age 63. [CNN]

• Even-fresher direct: For lazy locavores, The Wall Street Journal road tests four local-food delivery services in four cities. [WSJ]