Brad A. Praises David Feau, Slams The Service at The Royce

Photo: The Royce

Angeleno’s Brad A. Johnson delivers high praise for The Langham Hotel’s new restaurant The Royce in his latest review. The critic offers that David Feau “is one of the best chefs working in L.A. today,” despite initial fear of his cubed calve’s liver amuse bouche and a restaurant space that “switches personalities. Like Sybil.” He has an “undrinkable wine” and finds much of the service “inept,” questioning whether a waiter was “plucked from a pizza parlor or IHOP earlier in the day,” but none of it shakes his opinion that the city “doesn’t have many chefs like Féau who are clearly aiming for five stars,” even though the service and atmosphere net only two from the scribe at this point. [Brad A. Johnson]