Fountain of Joy: Bowery Beef Will Carry Beloved Bosco Soda

The only roast-beef shop with a chandelier? Photo: Courtesy of Bowery Beef

The guys who plan to bring a spinoff of Massachusetts roast-beef shop Harrisons to the Bowery caused a bit of a stir when they came out of the gates talking smack about the local competition (for the record, Francis Garcia of This Little Piggy had no comment for them except good luck!). Now partner Ray LeMoine tells Fork in the Road that they wont be going by the name Harrisons and are instead going with Bowery Beef, because people hate Boston. Heh. But hey, heres a reason for New Yorkers to love the place.

Weve heard that when it opens next week, it plans to carry Bosco chocolate soda on tap, as well as RC Cola and that ever-elusive elixir birch beer (we can only assume New Englandbased Moxie will be the brand of choice). Of course, the egg-cream-esque Bosco is nearly extinct (last time we checked, only four places carried it), so were way more excited about this than we are about the Blue Bottle coffee.