Bowery Beef Adds ‘Dogshit’ to the Menu (and Daytime Drinks!)

Photo: Courtesy of Bowery Beef

Bowery Beef’s menu launched with just a sandwich, coffee, and bagels, but the boys have added a couple of items; namely, a baked potato and a little thing known as “dogshit.” Yep, that’s what they’re calling a bowl of beef slathered in James River BBQ sauce (sounds unappetizing, to be sure, but it didn’t stop models Jamie Burke and Behati Prinsloo from stopping into a party there this past weekend). Also in the works: deli staples like knishes, pickles, and desserts, plus a “day cocktail list” launching this week. What sort of afternoon delights are in the works? Well, Ray LeMoine tells us to expect a “Boston Special” (a shot of Cuervo and a Heineken) as well as “absinthe, hard liquor and ghetto drinks from around the world.” Er, wow. Now if they’d just bring boozing cats back to the Bowery …