Bleacher Bar’s Seeking Sandwiches and Offering Rewards

Sadly, the winner won't get to party with the Jersey Shore cast.
Sadly, the winner won't get to party with the Jersey Shore cast. Photo: Bleacher Bar

If you’re not up to the challenge of designing your very own 5 Napkin Burger for intense rounds of taste-testing in New York City, we can suggest something a tiny bit less stressful, but no less creatively fulfilling! Bleacher Bar’s Sandwich Showdown (not to be confused with KO Prime’s Burger Battle … what is it with these violent contests?) wants you to design a sandwich, and the payoff is handsome. More ahead.

The Bleacher Bar seeks a new, mouthwatering specialty sandwich for their 2011 menu. Be as wacky as you dare, but remember, the recipe has to be original (no double-submitting with 5 Napkin!). The winner gets their sandwich on the menu during the 2011 Red Sox season and obtains access to the Bleacher Bar’s window table, with its tantalizing view of Fenway’s centerfield. Tickets to a home game against the Yankees are also up for grabs.

The competition culminates with the ten-best sandwiches judged at a $15-per-ticket charity event for Theo Epstein’s Foundation To Be Named Later; guests can taste-test and vote for their favorite sandwich. (We know what you’re thinking: Yes, it’s all you can eat.)

Visit Bleacher Bar’s Facebook page to submit your entry.

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