Bitters Battle: Brooklyn Bitters vs. A.B. Smeby Bittering Co.

Photo: The Lo-Down

Yesterday it was Brooklyn-branded gins, and today, Brooklyn bitters! On the heels of the Lo-Down’s profile of Brooklyn Bitters (an eight-month-old company started by a cocktail blogger and a onetime Dressler bartender), Brooklyn Based has a feature about A.B. Smeby Bittering Co., a South Slope producer whose Buddah Hand Lemon-Kaffir Lime, Licorice-Nectarine, and Nasturtium-Cumin tinctures are jazzing up drinks at places like Quarter and Huckleberry Bar. Smelby tells Brooklyn Based that he started the company because he “realized that bitters were one of the last untouched items.” Not anymore!

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