Bud Light and Doritos Ads Score During Superbowl; USC Embracing Local Food Sources

• In USA Today’s ranking of Super Bowl ads, spots by Bud Light and Doritos tied for the top score, and both commercials featured pooches. It just goes to prove that adorable dogs are pretty much the best means of marketing anything. [USAT]

• Chain restaurants, on the other hand, pretty much sat the Super Bowl out. [NRN]

• USC is making an effort to source some of its own food from local growers. [LAist]

• Michelle Obama’s next target in her fight to make us less of a nation of fatties is the restaurant industry: She’s pushing for smaller portions and healthier kids’ meals. [NYT]

• Robert Parker, the granddaddy of wine reviewing, has announced he’s stepping down as Wine Advocate’s California critic. Don’t worry, though; his successor Antonio Galloni’s name will look just as good on those little scorecards they put on wine bottles. [Vinography]

• Speaking of wines, stop stigmatizing the sweet ones! A lot of them can pair quite well with savory food. [WSJ]

• Currently cheeses made with raw milk must be aged for 60 days, but the F.D.A. is considering extending that period or banning raw-milk cheeses altogether. [NYT]