Belgian Street-Fritery Saus Opens Tomorrow

Succulently crisp Belgian fries.
Succulently crisp Belgian fries. Photo: istockphoto

Glorious news, late-night revelers and hopeful gluttons: Belgian street-food cafe Saus is set to debut tomorrow near Faneuil Hall. Pommes-frites are the star attraction here, complemented by a dazzling array of dippin’ sauces. Special opening-day sauces are Pegasus and Green Monster (because really, how good can a new restaurant be without the requisite menu-item nod to Fenway?). We’re told that Pegasus is a creamy feta concoction spiked with oregano and lemon; the Green Monster is a spicy jalapeno-cilantro blend. We also have high hopes for their authentic a Liege waffles, a sugarier, snappier waffle than what we’re accustomed to here. Sofra and Flour ex-pat Shira Melen was brought in to create the recipe, so we hope they mean business. Doors open at 11 a.m., and they serve until 2 a.m. on weekends. So after we get sauced … wait for it … we’ll definitely get Saused. [Saus]