How About Some Balut for Brunch?

Photo: Wikipedia

When Filipino standby Elvie’s Turo-Turo shuttered more than a year ago, we posed the question of where a person would be able to find balut, the fully formed duck or chicken embryo that is a popular snack in the Philippines. Now comes word from Nicole Ponseca of Maharlika that the pop-up brunchery has received a shipment of eighteen duck eggs, which will go for $5 each this weekend until they run out.

According to Ponseca, the eggs are currently “incubating — keeping warm, otherwise the yolk gets yucky.” She describes the delicacy as “delicious but not for the weak of heart,” and tells Grub Street, “the yolk is creamy and there is a ‘soup’ inside the egg that you shoot back to, ahem, cleanse the palate. Feathers, beak, and feet are optional to eat.” Adventurous eaters, if you missed that recent raccoon, otter, and muskrat dinner, here’s a chance to redeem yourselves.