Aw, Shucks! Island Creek Wants to Save You From V-Day Heartache

Photo: Central Bottle

If you can’t snag a reservation at Island Creek Oyster Bar for Valentine’s Day, perhaps you can enjoy these aphrodisiac treats at home. How, you ask?

Island Creek will teach you! We don’t mean to, er, pry … but if you don’t know how to shuck oysters, now might be the time to learn, so you’re not caught under pressure on the big day. Cambridge’s sleekest wine shop with a sense of humor, Central Bottle, hosts the fine Island Creek crew on Friday from 5 until 8 p.m. for shucking lessons. Says CB: improper shucking could “end with you and your lovah in the ER.” A bloody Valentine indeed! The class is free. Maintaining your dignity? Priceless.