Another Goat-Themed Restaurant Will Join The Pack


What is it with restaurant owners and inebriated goats? Or maybe we don’t wanna know the answer to that. In any case, The Tipsy Goat will join Montrose’s Three Drunken Goats and West Hollywood’s The Surly Goat when it bleats a path into Thousand Oaks next month in the former home of Enrique’s. This will be a full restaurant and bar with an Irish pub concept; the hard-partying Brendan Behan kind and not the dank, brooding, drink-your-life-away variety. One thing we imagine they won’t have is actual goat on the menu (pour one out for KTown’s departed Goat House Restaurant which apparently served seven courses of it). The restaurant is already set-up on Facebook, has a website, and is seeking staff during walk-ins this Saturday. And who knows? Maybe by naming their place after a goat, they’re angling for a book deal a la Stefanie Izzard.