A Tale of Two Diners; Blogger Sued Over Benihana Review

• The Munson Diner, which once served eggs to mobsters in Hell’s Kitchen and was later moved to the Catskills, is in financial trouble. Meanwhile, one executive may be keeping the Tick Tock Diner in business with his daily visits, though neighboring tables have to put up with him yapping on his phone. [NYT, Crain’s]

• A blogger in Kuwait is being sued and slapped with $18,000 in fines for writing a poor review of Benihana. If that were the policy in this country, we bet there’d be a lot of bloggers in jail. [Fast Company]

• Not a bad idea for roach coaches: Food trucks in Los Angeles County are receiving letter grades. [ABC 7]

• File under “cruel ironies”: A recent study has linked food assistance programs to obesity. [Clinton News]

• Speaking of obesity, Dunkin’ Donuts had a really good year in 2010, with a 50 percent increase in development deals like multi-store outlets. [NRN]

• In case you’re in the market, discount grocer BJ’s Wholesale Club has put itself up for sale. [USAT]

• Two women have sued the Safeway grocery-store chain for failing to notify its club members about recalled foods. [San Francisco Chronicle]

• Nearly one-third of Somalian children face severe malnutrition because of a recent drought. [Guardian UK]

A Tale of Two Diners; Blogger Sued Over Benihana Review