A Grease Fire at Buckhorn Grill; A Marijuana-Infused BBQ Joint Comes to Colorado

• Some cooks at the Buckhorn Grill in Walnut Creek ignited a grease fire while cooking up some tri-tip, which spread to the attic of the building. [CBS5]

Incanto is looking for a few good stages (who aren’t afraid of guts). [Offal Good]

• It’s harvest time for kale and other winter vegetables at an Edible Schoolyard-like program in Oakland. [Oakland North]

• The Los Gatos restaurant scene is a-growin. [Mercury News]

• Cleveland-based barbecue joint Hot Sauce Williams will expand to Colorado to open stoner dream restaurant Pot Sauce Williams, specializing in Marijuana-infused barbecue sauce. [Thought Catalog]
• As if having a picky-eater kid weren’t annoying enough, now a study shows that children who will only eat chicken nuggets and other processed foods may be lowering their future IQs! [Paging Dr. Gupta/CNN]

• Applebee’s largest franchisee, with 269 restaurants, is this close to being sold to a Goldman Sachs affiliate. [NRN]
• Sysco had a tough second quarter thanks to rising food costs. Join the club, Sysco! [Houston Chronicle]
• File under people who have too much money: Kim Kardashian treated boyfriend Kris Humphries to a $900 birthday dinner at STK, “one of New York’s finest restaurants,” according to this blog. [Gather]