Do McDonald’s Cheeseburgers Hold the Secret to Eternal Life?

Photo: Virtual Ern via Flickr

It sounds like all us whippersnappers need to forget everything we know about so-called superfoods like goji berries, agave nectar, and açaí juice. A New Zealand woman has been eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger every day for over twenty years. And she just turned 100! Catherine Reddoch habitually orders a hot chocolate with her daily cheeseburger, and Stuff New Zealand estimates that she’s had roughly 8,000 burgers and 8,000 hot chocolates since 1988. (No word on her feelings regarding Ronald McDonald’s untimely “execution.”) In honor of these efforts (and the small fortune spent through the years), McDonald’s gave Reddoch a plaque to grace her “usual corner.” Granted, she walks to the restaurant each day — probably the main reason all those burgers haven’t hampered her health. Then again, if you are what you eat, and McDonald’s burgers never spoil, doesn’t it kind of make sense that they’d act as a preservative, too?

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