Xi’an Famous Foods Looking to Board the Williamsburg Bandwagon

This is how they do it at Xi'an.
This is how they do it at Xi'an. Photo: Ryan Monaghan

News broke last week that hand-pulled-noodle chainlet Xi’an Famous Foods has big expansion plans, including an eventual line of frozen foods. As far as we’re concerned, the Flushing-based business can bring its affordable, quick, and mouth-searing Shaanxi cooking to every block in the city, so it was exciting to learn today that Xi’an is looking at midtown, the Columbia University area, and Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg for its next moves. Between this possibility and the Williamsburg Crif Dogs slated for January 10 (not to mention forthcoming ’inoteca and Meatball Shop branches), we’ll have to reconsider wearing our skinny jeans the next time we visit the ‘burg.

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