Xandros Evicted on LaCienega

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

It might be customary to break a plate or two during one’s riotous Greek feast, but Eater reports that Adam Kariotoglou, owner of Xandros Greek, might have taken the custom a bit too far, smashing the whole place up during his eviction here, as per a text to the restaurant’s former sous chef from the landlord’s front office. Less than three months after opening to some initial promise (an encouraging early “opa!” from S. Irene Virbila, a dinner date with Halle Berry), the restaurant has closed on LaCienega’s high-priced restaurant row. The oracle did declare some signs of trouble last month, with a Twitter report from fan and Huffington Post critic Jay Weston that staff walked out over payroll issues. The restaurant’s owner is apparently being taken to court this week over $500,000 owed in back rent and police were all over the place yesterday, which could mean fresh charges. Um, opa? Nop-a. Oh well, back to Thursdays at Papa Cristo’s!

Xandros Abruptly Closes Shop, Ownership Crisis, Cops Show [Eater]