Will Sichaun Salt Chicken Pops Be The Next Father’s Office Burger?

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

It’s been nearly a year since Sang Yoon teased everyone with visions of Lukshon, the Southeast Asian noodle shop he dreamed of opening next to Father’s Office in Culver City. It looks like the place is really, actually, finally going to open sometime next week, as per a report today in Thrillist that reveals some of the menu amid the usual servings of Back to the Future references.

Expect foie gras carob ganache with tamarind gastrique, dan dan noodles gussied up with Kurobuta pork and preserved mustard greens, Chinese chicken dumpling soup with 63 degree egg, spicy Sichaun salt chicken pops, and garlic pork belly with grilled rice cakes. Sounds and looks much more like an inspired, Red Meds-style take on the regional cooking than it is a Chego-like dip into good-and-greasy Asian eats, just as we’d expect from the obsessively meticulous Yoon. Let’s just hope the food and Sriracha-infused cocktails go over the heads of all those students clogging F.O.’s doorway so we can actually get in here.

The Father’s Office guy’s new Asian joint