Will Sala Reopen on the Bowery or Be Replaced by Another Newbie?

Photo: Youngna Park

EV Grieve notices that Sala is closed “for renovation,” according to a sign on the door, and an outgoing telephone message not only confirms it (directing callers to sister location Sala One-Nine), but also informs that “this voice mail is no longer active.” This sounds some alarm bells, since Sala was for sale as of last November, but the building’s owner, Ben Braka, assures us via e-mail that the closure is indeed only owing to renovation and Sala will reopen under the same name and ownership. The broker for the space told us he couldn’t comment on whether there’d be a new operator, since he had signed a confidentiality agreement. And so we’ll wait to see whether Sala returns as promised, or whether the ten-year-old fixture will make way for yet another Bowery newcomer.