Will Gilson Wants to Lock Down Hair Salon As Possible Pop-Up Venue

Will Gilson
Will Gilson

Dinner and a perm, anyone? Pop-up prince Will Gilson spoke to the Globe about the challenges and joys of creating a restaurant on the fly and his future pop-up plans. One thing stuck out at us: He wants to create a 100-guest meal … at a hair salon. We have some naming ideas.

Gilson, currently planning a V-Day pop-up at Somerville’s Taza Chocolate Factory, wants to create a restaurant every month with a focus on unusual locations, like Fenway Park and the aforementioned salon. Cool.

Our minds are running wild contemplating names for this possible pop-up. The Mane Ingredient? Feast and Follicle? Wine And Dye’n? Prime Cut? Call us, Will. We can help. Just don’t get any hair in our food.