Why Does McDonald’s Japan Get All the Fun Burgers?

You can't eat this unless you know how to say "hash brown" in Japanese.
You can't eat this unless you know how to say "hash brown" in Japanese.Photo: McDonald's

There’s no getting around the fact that the “Big America” burgers, which McDonald’s introduced in its Japanese restaurants last year, seem like they were designed to play on the feeling that Americans are, well … big. Fine, whatever. We’re comfortable with our weight, sure. We didn’t even really want to eat those burgers: They’re just variations on bacon cheeseburgers. But now Mickey D’s Japan rolled out its “Big America 2” burgers, and what we can’t get over is that they sound a lot more fun than the stuff sold Stateside.

To wit: The Idaho burger is topped with a hash brown; the Texas 2 burger has a mess of chili and “mustard relish” on it; the Manhattan burger is covered with pastrami; and the Miami burger is slathered with taco meat and tortilla chips. Look, we’re not saying we love McDonald’s, but we’re not too proud to admit that we’d probably eat an Idaho Burger. Why do Japanese McDonald’s keep getting crazy-sounding burgers while we Americans are stuck with oatmeal?

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