What’s on the Jukebox at Jay-Z’s Chicken Joint?; Kucinich Suing After Run-in With Olive Pit

Village Voice critic Robert Sietsema visited the fried-chicken joint Jay-Z is part owner of and reported back on the songs he heard while waiting for his wings. [Fork in the Road/VV]

• Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich is suing several companies associated with the House cafeteria after he busted his tooth on an olive three years ago. Olive pits happen, buddy. [Voices/WP]

• You’ve probably heard about In-N-Out’s secret menu items, but did you know there are 23 of them, including a root-beer float and “animal-style” fries? [Eatocracy/CNN]

• Those days of pretending you didn’t notice the nutrition information are nearly over, as labels move to the front of packages. [Slashfood/AOL]

• In China, KFC is king, dominating big-time over rival McDonald’s. [Bloomberg]

• PepsiCo’s deal to buy Russian food-and-beverage manufacturer Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods is set to go through in early February, which will make the company the largest food-and-drink-maker in the former Soviet nation. [Dealbook/NYT]

• Starbucks must have sold a lot of peppermint lattes in December: The company’s first-quarter net income rose 44 percent, owing largely to holiday sales. [NRN]