Ugh: Even the AP Is Worried We’re Losing Our Edge

Photo: Jim Kiernan

It’s come to this, folks: Even the staid Associated Press is asking questions like, “As Edgy NYC Disappears, Does Its Character Go Too?” The piece is pinned on the death of OTB, but also mentions Coney. Amusing the Zillion has more news on that front: That blog hears corporate cafeteria giant Sodexo has invested no less than $2.4 million in Phony Island, and their plan for the new Scream Zone includes “thrilling food and beverages which will use elements of spice, exotic-flavors, irregular sizes, and ‘u-decide’ the ingredient items where guests can challenge their imaginations.” Greeeat. Oh well, not all is lost — there’s still the Cyclone (though, as NY1 reports, Zamperla just took that over, too), and last week Eater had a look inside the 100-plus-year-old Gargiulo’s.