Todd English Will Open Cross Bar in Limelight Marketplace

Photo: Getty Images

As Todd English prepares to open Ember Room (his project with Ian Chalermkittichai), we’re hearing that he has yet another New York project in the works. The folks at Limelight Marketplace tell us that he’s taking over two spaces in the back of the building, plus the courtyard that held the Limelight Grill, and on the second week of March, he’ll open Cross Bar. Reps aren’t revealing anything about the concept, but apparently a VIP room and a state-of-the-art kitchen will be involved. Meanwhile, the latest on Grimaldi’s is that it’s opening February 1 or 2, though it may start handing out some of those free slices next week. Oh, and while we’re talking Limelight, BlackBook brings news that the daughter of its former proprietor, Peter Gatien, is working on a documentary about “Gatien’s rise and fall set against the transformation of New York City.” So you can finally follow Limelight’s evolution from coke orgies to Todd English!