There Is Much Mercury In That Fish You’re Eating, California; Britain Outlaws Bargain Booze

• An environmental group tested random fish samples, in secret, at stores and restaurants across California cities, and found that, on average, they contain higher mercury levels than the FDA allows. [Chron]

• Oakland’s first ever Restaurant Week launches next week. [SFoodie]

• Down in L.A., they’re banning new fast food businesses from going into a whole swath of town, for public health reasons. [NYT]

• A law takes effect today that prevents British supermarkets from running deals on alcohol in which they sell bottles at a loss in order to lure customers. [UK Sun]

• It seems the 20-ounce “venti” just isn’t big enough for some Starbucks customers; today, the chain is rolling out its 30-ounce “trenta” size, beginning in thirteen Southern states. [USAT]

• In the face of a global food crisis, one Dutch scientist recommends we all develop a taste for nutritious green bugs. Meanwhile, American children are preparing to go on strike. [BBC]

• Sluggishness and memory problems might be related to a deficiency of vitamin B-12, found in fish, beef, and dairy products. [WSJ]

• Gluten-free diets are increasingly touted as weight-loss regimens, but that’s actually not such a hot idea. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

• With skyrocketing food prices, the U.N.’s World Food Programme has found itself $3 billion short. [AP]