Scandinavia Dominates the Bocuse d’Or (and a Foie Protestor Rushes the Ceremony)

Photo: Courtesy of Bocuse d'Or

It’s a Scandinavian sweep at the Bocuse d’Or. Congrats go out to Denmark, which just took the top prize at the prestigious cooking competition in Lyon. Sweden and Norway (who won in 2009) took the silver and bronze awards. By all accounts, Team USA’s James Kent and Timothy Allan made a good show of it, but didn’t place. We’re waiting to hear what their final standing is. [Update: Looks like they came in 10th.] Also: A foie-gras protester stormed the stage during the awards ceremony. In classic streaker-on-the-field fashion, the event’s live stream cut away to the crowd, who booed the interloper as she was carted off. In any event, the full list of winners, straight ahead.

Best Commis: Japan
Best Promotional Poster: Guatemala and Spain
Special Fish Prize: Switzerland
Special Meat Prize: France
Bronze: Norway
Silver: Sweden
Gold: Denmark

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