Sandra Lee Presenting Check to Food Bank; Mark Sanford’s Reduced Food Costs

• If you’re trying to forget to that Sandra Lee is one marriage proposal away from First Lady–hood, she’s not making it easy: In addition to all those Food Network appearances, she’s presenting a check to the Food Bank of Central New York today. You can’t buy our love, Sandra! []

• As South Carolina governor Mark Sanford is discovering, there’s at least one benefit to cheating on your pretty wife, running off to your mistress in Argentina, and lying about the whole thing: Your food bill goes down! [ABC News 4]

• The Washington and New York Posts have both run this identical article about kombucha, so we guess it’s time you sucked it up and tried the stuff. [WP, NYP]

• Bison farmers are struggling to raise enough animals to meet consumer demand for healthy meat. It would’ve probably helped if we hadn’t killed off the expansive herds of these majestic beasts a couple of centuries ago. [USAT]

• While it seems likely we’ll be custom-designing our embryos before long, for now (according to a recent study) you can eat lots of greens to increase your chances of having a girl. [Telegraph UK]