Really? No L.A. Chefs Will Fess Up to Eating Frozen Burritos?

Just a little something Michael McCarty might whip up at home
Just a little something Michael McCarty might whip up at home Photo: Tuppus via Flickr

Anyone who has a hard-working chef in their life knows they eat just as much of the same crap as the rest of us, right? Food GPS takes a look into the home-cooking of some of our big names today and of course, the chefs use it to show off their immaculate, worldly taste and legendary skill.

Understandably, admitting to a diet of Ho’s-Ho’s and Ding Dongs might scare a few prospective customers away, but only Grace and BLD chef Neal Fraser keeps it really real in the field when he says, “I rarely make something crazy at home,” along with Christian Robert Lawson Page, who’s prone to grilling cheeseburgers.

Elsewhere, Eva’s Mark Gold prepares aglio oilo with Maldovan sea salt, Megan Logan is all about whole roasted chickens, Ben Ford throws a whole clucker into a soup with serranos, and Jordan Kahn makes five-minute Vietnamese bun.

On another level, there’s Michael McCarty, who gets into super-specific sourcing while munching on lobsters, $1,600 Bellota ham, and the occasional Iberico with his rose and pinot. Seriously guys, not one of you just throws some frozen garbage from Trader Joe’s into the microwave and cracks open a can of Ballantine’s? In any case, thanks for the recipes.

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