Rambo’s Only Restaurant Will Close

Tacos from the Loading Dock.
Tacos from the Loading Dock. Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

So, somebody stole the new taco truck that was to be used by the owners of the Loading Dock, that taco place in the Brooklyn neighborhood we’ve been desperately trying to get people to call Rambo, but which people still insist on calling Downtown Brooklyn. The truck was insured, but Loading Dock co-owner Forrest Cole says he’s still going to be forced to close the restaurant (though he’ll continue to sell food at the Brooklyn Flea). It’s terrible news for them, as well as for people who live and/or work in Downtown Brooklyn Rambo, since it’s really the only place in the neighborhood to get food that isn’t of the mass-produced, fast variety. [NYP via Eater NY]