Pussycat Owner: ‘It’s Better We Don’t Reopen; It’s Cheaper That Way’

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

This morning we reported that the 41-year-old Pussycat Lounge was closed owing to construction permitting issues, and now weve gotten in touch with owner Robert Kremer, who tells us, I dont know what Im going to do yet. Kremer, who owns the building, says he doesnt plan to sell the space and may eventually reopen it, but he hasnt determined whether or not it will remain the Pussycat Lounge. He tells us hes been struggling since 9/11.

The whole area is decimated. Business is so bad that its better we dont reopen its cheaper that way. He says hes been trying to renovate his building inexpensively, since were not one of those places uptown that make a lot of money. But, he says, The city is neglecting everybody downtown, reiterating a complaint he voiced to City Room in 2009. Its like a step-child. Theres a lot of regulation theyre imposing on everybody thats very difficult. The costs are rising. Its a general thing, but I really do believe the city gives me some special treatment.

Kremer wouldnt say what that special treatment entailed, but we gather that its not a favorable kind. His other complaints include the multitude of city vehicles taking up parking spots and blocking delivery vehicles. He says, Construction is destroying the whole area. Still, the Pussycats demise isnt 100 percent assured. Hopefully this summer is better, Kremer tells us.

By the way, its said 96 Greenwich once housed a restaurant and brothel. If youre a sucker for that kind of history, check out the newly unearthed Gentlemans Directory.