Presenting the AndrewAndrew of Coney Island


We’re not sure why the Times saw fit to yet again profile AndrewAndrew, the identical D.J. team that has been bouncing around the downtown party scene forever now — maybe because they’ve moved from iPods to iPads? Our question is — who are these guys getting down to “Poker Face” at Cha Cha’s of Coney Island? This amazing video just went up at Amusing the Zillion, which (less happily) posts the kiss-off letter that Cha Cha’s and others received from the City’s Economic Development Corporation days before they got the heave-ho. The Coney Island Eight, scheduled back in court on Monday, see the letter and its timing as evidence that the city and not just Central Amusement International (the operator that the city turned their leases over to) had a hand in their ouster. Anyway, forget all that for a moment, have a look at the video, and enjoy Coney as it once was.

Exclusive: NYCEDC Kiss-Off Letter to Coney Island Boardwalk 8 [Amusing the Zillion]
Dance Video: Coney Island Poker Face by Charles Denson [Amusing the Zillion]