PETA Reps Both Fake and Real (and Stephen Colbert) Weigh In on Taco Bell


Well, Taco Bell’s beef woes are getting the parody treatment. First up, Stephen Colbert gives the new Beefy Crunch Burrito a taste. (Choice quote: “It is … beef-y. Or beef-ish? At the very least, it is beef-adjacent.”) Next up, Onion-ish fake-news website the Bennington Vale Evening Transcript talks to its own PETA representative, who applauds Taco Bell’s “heroic step forward in refusing to use meat in its foods.” Meanwhile, the actual People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals posted on its blog a few days back that Taco Bell ought to just cut out the meat entirely and go “completely vegan.” But then, that’s their solution for everything. (Side note: Who on earth thought it was a good idea to name that blog the “Peta Files”?) So: How long before someone makes a joke about the tacos containing Chihuahua meat? [Colbert Report, Bennington Vale Press, Peta Files]