Patricio Sandoval Closes Mercadito Cantina

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The East Village gained a taqueria in El Camion, but will soon lose Mercadito Cantina after a two-and-a-half-year run. A rep for Patricio Sandoval tells us that just like Ravi DeRossi with Carteles, the chef is turning the narrow room across from Mercadito into an events space offering cooking and cocktail classes, as well as private parties. The restaurant is giving away a beer and wine cocktail with every dinner until it closes January 31.

Since the other Mercaditos are still going strong (the brand just opened a second location in Miami and is planning two more in South Beach), we have to wonder: Did people balk at eating tacos in a Momofuku-esque minimalist-chic environment? Or did they simply prefer to eat across the street at the original Mercadito, with its full liquor license, more festive atmosphere, and somewhat cheaper tacos ($9 for two at Cantina, $14.50 for four at Mercadito)?