Patricia Yeo Wants A Gastropub of Her Very Own

Photo: Mackenzie Stroh/New York Magazine

When Ginger Park closed last year, we wondered whether Patricia Yeo was the Jennifer Aniston of the restaurant world. We really just want her to find a happy home. Well, according to Stuff, seems like she’s well on her way!

In their 5 Courses column, Yeo discusses her plans to open an “Asian gastropub,” hopefully in the South End.

“The space is not going to be overwhelming the food, and I think that’s what happened at Ginger Park,” she tells them. We agree. Food was lovely, space was lovely, but nothing’s more depressing than eating lovely food in a lovely, oft-empty space.

The new spot, she tells the magazine, will have about 50 seats and bring back some Ginger Park favorites. She hopes to open in late spring.

5 Courses

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