Oh, Look: Another Trumped-Up, Stupidly Expensive Burger

This is a normal burger, not the $5,000 one.
This is a normal burger, not the $5,000 one. Photo: Melissa Hom

Sigh. Remember how we told you Hubert Keller was done transforming his Vegas restaurant Fleur de Lys into the more-casual Fleur? Well, he’s doing one of those crazy-expensive burgers that’s obviously designed more to get press than it is to actually sell to customers. But we just read about it in The Wall Street Journal, so it looks like it worked!

This one’s five grand, and it’s a Kobe burger topped with — you guessed it — foie gras and truffles. What, no gold leaf? Oh, it also comes with a bottle of Bordeaux, which would normally retail for about two grand. (A similar-sounding burger is listed on the menu, sans wine, for $65; and yet another similar burger is served as his San Francisco Burger Bar outpost for $60.) Surprising: The restaurant actually estimates they’ll sell six of these sweet moneymaking babies this year. (Really? There are six idiots out there willing to buy this?) Unrelated: “A Red Cross report indicates that majority of residents in northern Kenya face starvation following massive crop failure in the last three planting seasons.”

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