Now You Can Get a ‘Skinny Drink’ to Go With That Tiramisu Cheesecake

Photo: Photo-illustration: Mary-Louise Price; Photos: iStockphoto

We already told you that fast-food restaurants are pulling out all the stops to get customers into their restaurants right now, a traditionally slow time of the year when everyone is trying lose weight. Well, fast-casual places — those chains that are slightly more upscale because they have waiters and stuff — aren’t just sitting around twiddling their thumbs either. Just look: The Cheesecake Factory (not a place that screams “diet-friendly”) just announced they’re introducing “skinny drinks,” cocktails that only pack about 150 calories, about half as many as regular drinks. And they’re doing it without cutting out any of the booze!

Instead, they’re using lower calorie sweeteners, like Splenda. But non-dieters needn’t worry: Something called the Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake, which this site says packs in 1,680 calories per serving, is still on the menu, too.

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