NFL Player Throwing a Party With an Ex-Fugee

Owens. Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Bill Belichick may be the expert when it comes to PB&J; sandwiches, but we just got a press release alerting us to the fact that Terrell Owens — yes, that Terrell Owens — is hosting a “speakeasy soiree” at the Blind Barber on January 19. (We also just got word that the midtown Pop Burger is hosting something called an Ocho Loco promotion this Friday, but it unfortunately appears to have no affiliation with Owens’s Cincinnati teammate, Chad Ochocinco.) Anyway, the soiree is a benefit for the Alzheimer’s Association. Crazier: Former-Fugee Pras “Ghetto Supastar” Michel is going to perform! Granted, it’s not exactly like seeing those Lauryn Hill comeback shows, but we bet Pras will show up on time and not mess around with his songs. Tickets are $175 and available here, if you’re interested.