Mr. Toast Popping Up at Royal/T Through February


Since our introduction at L.A. Street Food Fest, we’ve admitted before to being big fans of Mr. Toast, the surreal world of anthropomorphic, walking (presumably talking) breakfast foods created by artist Dan Goodsell. In addition to the hollow-eyed Mr. Toast, he has a crew of tasty pals like Mope the Onion, Señor Cork, and bug-eyed buddy Shaky Bacon, who we suspect might be some kind of bath-salt smoking tweaker. Royal/T has caught on to Mr. Toast’s circle and is adding a pop-up store through February dedicated to Goodsell’s characters and selling his comics, plush toys, and pins. Surely, someone has a pork-obsessed lover for whom a plush strip of bacon makes an ideal Valentine’s gift. What else?

In addition to the toys, Royal/T will offer pressed toast and other menu items obsessing on the characters. the cos-play cafe launches the pop-up with a big bash next Wednesday, February 2nd, with an opening party from 6:00-8:00 P.M. that features appearances from Toast and Shaky Bacon. Surely, someone has a “furry” in their life that might want to take double entendre about “pork” way too far. If not, it will still probably be a cute, fun, and typically weird affair at Royal/T.