Mother and Daughter Sue Staten Island Bar for Underage Drinking Slipup

Photo: Gothamist

So, we’ve heard a rumor that at a certain pub in a New York City beachfront community, a handful of parents bring their teenagers in at the beginning of the summer and tell the barkeeps that it’s okay for them to be served. Apparently a Staten Island mom and her daughter aren’t on board with that: According to the Staten Island Advance, they’re suing KJ’s Ale House in New Springville because the daughter, Ryan O’Leary, took a drunken tumble on a defective sidewalk outside of the bar. She was 20 when it happened, and now that she’s 23, she thinks the bar should’ve known better than to serve someone who was (barely) underage (even though she’s apparently hoisting a girlie drink in her Facebook profile photo). Advice to the judge: Award this young lady an unlimited tab at KJ’s — if she wants to show her face in there again.

Woman sues KJ’s Ale House, Great Kills, in 2008 slip-and-fall [SI Live via Gothamist]