Mono + Mono Looking to Expand

Mono + Mono prepares for blast-off.
Mono + Mono prepares for blast-off. Photo: Photo: iStockphoto; Photo-illustration: Mary-Louise Price

Last night while enjoying some spicy Korean fried chicken accompanied by vinyl jazz recordings at the cavernous East Village Mono + Mono, owner M.J. Chung came over to our table and let slip a bit of intel. Not content with the 3,000-square-foot East Village space that currently houses 30,000 specimens from his vintage jazz record collection — displayed library-style along one wall, with upcoming selections rotating the room on a pulley — and a piano table where customers can sit and eat (not to mention the upstairs K-Town space that used to be Mad for Chicken before Chung split from that business), he’s looking to expand. Think something in the order of 10,000 square feet, where Chung will offer more recorded jazz, karaoke, and other unspecified awesome things. Oh, and really good fried chicken — if you liked the stuff at Mad for Chicken, it’s the same recipe.