Mimi Sheraton Considers Herself a ‘Bestovore’


Mimi Sheraton sits down for a somewhat redundant Eater interview and clarifies her stance on Brooklyn (“I don't hate it. I'm just not going to go on a subway and stand on line in a restaurant”), and gets another jab in at Sam Sifton with his “allusions to make himself look like he's with it.” She joins in the nostalgia for restaurants of days gone by (she misses Sea Fare of the Aegean and the Coach House), but admits she’s excited about today’s Southeast Asian options and concedes that “the level of ingredients in all restaurants is enormously improved.” The fun part, though, is when she declares herself a “bestovore” — “Nevermind local if it is not the best.” Here’s her parting shot at certain locavore chefs: “I think the locavores should stay home, that they shouldn't fly back and forth, especially from California making big carbon footprints in the sky to speak to us about the importance of being local.”

Mimi Sheraton on Locavores, Brooklyn, and Bygones [Eater National]