Max Fish Stays Afloat, Buys Another Year

Photo: Lauren Klain Carton

The old regulars have been coming out in droves to bid Max Fish good-bye (a tipster tells us Chlo Sevigny was in the house last Friday its unknown whether she was with Pauly D), but Paper reports that owner Ulli Rimkus, who previously told us its over; theres no more negotiation, has managed to strike a deal with the landlord that allows her to stay another year, at which point Rimkus will have to find another location. Good news, especially since it gives Rimkus a jump on finding a new locale. So thats one bar saved (for now); now what can we do about Rubys (again in the news today) and Mars Bar?

Update: Max Fish and Pink Pony Will Pay a Not Unreasonable Rent While Looking Elsewhere

Max Fish to Stay Open for Another Year [Paper]