Marc Orfaly’s Quincy Tavern Will Feed You ‘American Food With Universal Undertones’

Photo: Marc Orfaly

Remick’s is the newest endeavor from Pigalle Chef Marc Orfaly. We’ve got details about the Quincy tavern’s upcoming launch. More info ahead.

Orfaly envisions the soon-to-debut restaurant as a place to “wine and dine” on any occasion. To this end: Expect family-style dinners on Sunday nights and live music at the bar, with a smart cocktail list and a wide-ranging menu.

And we do mean wide. Remick’s is going for an Asian/Italian medley, so if you’re craving pasta pomodoro and Korean-style short ribs, this is your place. And as we noted a few weeks ago, Quincy’s becoming quite the restaurant mecca, so here’s hoping an addition with a menu designed by Orfaly will only enhance its profile. A pig roast that serves ten won’t hurt, either.

It’s slated to launch within the next month and will serve dinner nightly. In the meantime, we’re also curious to see what’s next for upscale Parisian Pigalle