Listen Up, Lushes: There’s a Vitamin Pill Just for You

This doesn't count as vitamins, silly.
This doesn't count as vitamins, silly. Photo: iStockphoto

Are you one of those neo-lushes who likes to party hard with the artisanal cocktails and then detox with a yoga class and maybe a smoothie the next day? Do you think responsible drinking means sulfite-free wines and making sure to take your vitamin B? If so, there’s a new pill for you on the market, and no, it’s not some spurious hangover cure. Drinkwel contains milk thistle to support liver function! Amino acids to help you process alcohol! Superfruits to neutralize free radicals! Plus a bunch of other stuff! And you take it every day, which we guess means you can throw back the barrel-aged negronis every day, too! According to its website, it was invented by doctors “for healthy people who like to have a good time.” Now, as for a pill that will keep you from being a mean drunk, we don’t think that’s been invented … yet.