In the Future, There Will Be No Stoves

Heatin' up!
Heatin' up! Photo: Flickr/CarbonNYC

None whatsoever! In fact, all you’ll have to do is plop a can of dehydrated space meal — assuming that something like that has been invented; if not, you’ll be able to heat soup — on your counter and it’ll warm that baby right up. The New York Times brings word from this year’s C.E.S. that a company called Fulton Innovation from Ada, Michigan, has the ability to basically turn any counter into a giant induction cooktop: “In theory (the technology is real, the commercial partners at this point less so), someone could buy a can of Chef Boyardee, slap it down on an inductive countertop and cook Beefaroni on the spot.” And the surface doesn’t get hot while it’s doing that! We honestly think that sounds pretty badass. (Well, everything except the Chef Boyardee.) Also awesome-sounding: The technology can also power appliances like blenders and toasters, so you’ll never have to actually plug them in. [NYT]